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Once again online security is on everyone’s mind. There has been a lot in the news about Facebook and the firm Cambridge Analytica. This is important for all computer and phone users.


We are all told that your privacy and data security is important to these companies when we sign up to Facebook, other programs and phone apps.


The reality is it’s true. But not important for us; it is important for them! They can use the data for their own gain.


A Kiwi has discovered that not just his personal details are being kept by Facebook but also his all his text messages and call history has been kept as well. Is this what we signed up for when we clicked allow?


What can we do?


Many people are closing their Facebook accounts but in reality Facebook is only the tip of the iceberg. Mobile phones use many apps and these are all likely to be harvesting our data to some degree.


To keep our personal data personal, I think we need to be looking to governments to put in place legislation that would have serious consequences  for those companies that abuse the data collected. Talk to your MP.


So, I would say at this point, yes keep your Facebook account but also use all the privacy and security options carefully. Before clicking yes to that fun looking game app on your phone, ask yourself who are they and why do they need all your personal data before agreeing to their terms and conditions.


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