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Music Review | Abra – Princess

Abra is the princess of her own castle on new Princess EP, and she makes sure to vocalise until her self-sufficient message is crystal clear and projected through each of it’s six peppy, tongue-in-cheek anthems, created by a young woman alone in her bedroom for young girls alone in their bedrooms.

Dipped in a trapping entrancement of elusive fantasy, tension building 80s synth pop is the sound Abra has found herself clinging to so naturally on Princess after toying with different personas on her first BLQ Velvet EP and last year’s debut album, Rose, but Abra’s running signature DIY, puzzle piece production approach on her latest EP serves as confirmation that anything the Dark Wave Duchess touches turns to gold. Abra wears her crown with conviction, leaving subtle reminders weaved between lyrics like, “if you wanna roll the dice on me okay, if you think you can afford it, come play” on ‘Vegas’, and on ‘Big Boi’ where she recruits Awful records label mate Tommy Genesis after dusting off her rare slick, bossy rap tone to describe to the songs subject just how little importance he occupies, an undertone of immortal, self-made female spirit prevalent much the same even on more vulnerable tracks like ‘Thinking Of U’.


Abra delivers consistently acute yet hazily deceiving, mystique production and matching textured vocals, her climatic dream pop with a final fantasy edge on the borderline of becoming a redefining creative R&B voice. Abra’s moves are super natural and metaphysically calculated with a sixth sense edge, much correlative to the famous Pokemon of her namesake; and if anything like the Pokemon — Abra is still at the dawn of the evolution to reaching her final form.

Words: Laura McInnes