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Fraser Grut’s 10,000 Dreams | Dream 509 & 554

The name’s Fraser Grut and I’m a 23-year-old filmmaker and have been since the age of seven.


I have a dream. (Don’t sue me, Dr. King!) A BIG dream. I want to change the world through film. How? By helping the world to dream again.


I run a little project called ‘10,000 Dreams’ where every single day for 10,000 days (27.37907 years) I’m filming a different person answering the question: “What’s your dream?”


Currently, as I write this column, I’m on day 558. Nearly there…


I recently partnered with Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand to capture the dreams of those who aren’t in a position to take their health for granted.


I have my health and I am truly thankful for this, but others face daily battles.  I met some truly inspirationally people who were contagiously full of life and hope. I may have caught the bug. I certainly hope so!



“My personal dream is to live a life full of laughter and adventure. My bigger dream is to live in a society where everybody has the courage to be themselves and where everybody has the resources and tools they need to reach their full potential in every aspect of life.”


JORDAN MILROY – Day 509 (featured image)

“My dream is a bit of a wet dream, it’s to be the first Samoan sailor to sail in the Paralympics in Paris 2024.”


On this day, I filmed a society of people who may be disabled for life, but I also met a society people who are able for life.


So dream.


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