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Fraser Grut’s 10,000 Dreams | Day 339

The name’s Fraser Grut and I’m a 23-year-old filmmaker and have been since the age of seven.


I have a dream. (Don’t sue me, Dr. King!) A BIG dream.


I want to change the world through film. How? By helping the world to dream again.


I run a little project called ‘10,000 Dreams’ where every single day for 10,000 days (27.37907 years) I’m filming a different person answering the question, “What’s your dream?” I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.


Currently, as I write this column, I’m on day 523. Nearly there…


Good evening, Kiwiland. Ashley Pearce has a dream. A rather big one. Who is she? She’s a dreamer. What’s her dream? Well, let’s report to Ashley…]




“My dream is to become a news reporter. That has been my dream for quite some time and I believe one day hopefully I’ll get there. But a dream is only complete when you’re surrounded by your friends and family. So I think my ultimate dream would be to become a news reporter and to support my friends and family around me.”


Well, we made it happen through the kind support of Newshub.


Mike McRoberts and Samantha Hayes came on board and were absolute legends.  They helped Ashley live out her dream. She read out a promo with Mike, had a private tour of the newsroom and experienced what it was like to be a news reporter for an hour.


Ashley absolutely nailed it and another dream was achieved.


Stay classy, Kiwiland.


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