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A Day In The Life Of: Millie Holmes

Millie moved to Santorini in April due to a job opportunity arising for her partner, Kosta, working  as a chef at well-known restaurant Fistikes: “Our home is in Perissa and it’s now coming up to three years that we have been living in Greece, we moved in August 2015.  We live in Thessaloniki in the winter and usually on the islands in the summer. Last year we were in Molyvos but due to the refugee situation there tourism is down so we chose Santorini this year. I recently bought my first home in Thessaloniki and Greece has been a huge saviour for me not only in finding myself but reconnecting with my birth father and sister, “making an amazing new life.”


I prepare breakfast for my partner, Kosta, before he heads of for a 12-hour day in the kitchen. And I head off to grab my morning coffee and to hit the gym. Physical activity helps me so much with my mental emotional wellbeing and is an essential part of my day.


The hottest part of the day is spent inside. I work for myself so I’m either at home, or at an internet cafe, researching, brainstorming, and content creating for my blog. At the weekend I take my laptop and treat myself to work and eat lunch at my partner’s work.




During the evening in Greece I work a lot, the time difference means it’s the early morning in New Zealand so I conduct a lot of my Skype and business emails then. After my work I try to relax either using my Shakti mat or meditating to wind down.


I’m usually waiting for my partner to get home from work before I sleep, otherwise I just wake up when he gets home. He works long hours in the summer season, and doesn’t have any days off, so we don’t see each other a lot. I like to wait up for him so we can spend some time together even if it is the middle of the night.




Every morning around 8.30am I get woken up by two grey paws leaning on my chest. Miko, my six-month-old English bulldog, is ready for his morning trip to the toilet. It’s summer in Santorini now so every morning I open the door to a heavy breeze and at lest 25 degrees, then Miko and I eat breakfasts together while my partner sleeps in.


After some morning play with my dog, I sit down for work; checking all my emails, and social accounts,  prepping for any projects I am currently working on. Every day is different. Morning is my prep-time and chance to connect with New Zealand contacts due to the time difference.




When the sun gets low in the sky and it’s a more manageable heat, I take Miko out to the beach. We cruise the beach parade in Perissa where we live, in my little black Golf while he hangs out the window until we find a nice secluded spot to play and swim.


Eating late in Greece is something I’ve become accustomed to, and living in Perissa beach I have the most amazing selection of fresh seafood tavernas to pick from. My favourite dinner dish is grilled fresh mackerel with a lemon sauce and a santorini salad all for €15.