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5 Organic Detoxes Delivered To Your Door

Following the tricky guidelines of health experts can be such a hassle! Cut out the difficult part of choosing the recipes, sourcing organic ingredients and counting the calories by ordering one of these detoxes, created by qualified nutritionists and delivered right to your door without any of the fuss.


Greenleaf Organics (pictured above)

Reading the names of the drinks already makes you feel cleaner and leaner: Sunrise, Ocean, Fern, Lotus… But the main healing power is hiding inside – these organic beverages are not juiced, but blended, which helps to keep all the nutritional goodness in the bottle. With this approach and style, it comes as no surprise the list of brand ambassadors and fans on company’s website is almost endless from artists and bloggers to business owners. Who wouldn’t love a detox promising “a radiance that glows from within”?

Price: from $79 per day
Delivery: at least two days after ordering



This cleanse is hands down the coolest experience to undertake. Since 2012the PHD gurus have taken Kiwis on a journey of delicious food, online yoga and workout classes, and daily motivational audio clips. They believe that detoxes are not only about flushing the toxins out of your body, but aim to set better lifestyle habits in general. Being guided by a nutritionist, positivity specialist and fitness and wellbeing instructor, while fuelling yourself up with organic and spray-free juices, produced daily in a hydraulic press, sounds like a dream. Get ready to stay focused for three days in a row, as there are no 1-2 days ‘entry levels’.

Price: from $150 for three days
Delivery: within two days of ordering, excluding rural addresses


Little Bird

Tiny, but jam-packed with raw organic treats, these Auckland cafes need no extra introduction. Who doesn’t rely on their pre-packed fluffy moist macarons on a busy day every now and then! But did you know they also have lots of cleansing options? Our fave is the ultimate ‘Total Wellness Cleanse’. Unlike juice cleanses, this one also includes delicious raw organic salad to wrap up the day. One day pack is a perfect choice to boost up energy levels and to get back on track of clean eating, while the five-day program might also help you to drop some weight.

Price: $99 per day
Delivery: Monday to Friday before 8:30am


Greenroots Juicery

Wellness revolution, spreading nationwide from Christchurch. “Why go to all the effort of creating a healthy juice cleanse if you’re going to include toxin-laden produce?” decided Greenroots Juicery founders, who exclusively use certified organic growers and ancient techniques of creating cold-pressed revitalising drinks. Despite having stockists and market stalls all over the country, your cleanse will still be homemade to order. A touching personal approach! The new Winter Warmer Cleanse with spices and broth that stimulate digestion and promote blood circulation, will help you get through the cold days gracefully.

Price: $89.99 per day
Delivery: within two days of ordering, excluding rural addresses


Nomad Nutrition

The Nomad Nutrition daily menu consists of six raw beverages, carefully blended from local seasonal fruits and vegetables. Detox newbies would love the winter range, with two juices being replaced by hearty, fulfilling vegan soups. Sian du Plessis, the nutritionist behind the brand, prefers to describe her programme as a ‘cleanse’ rather than ‘detox’: “The ingredients have a detoxifying effect, but go far beyond and promote overall nourishment.” Supporting the idea, there is a Holistic Cleanse Guide, explaining how to sleep, stretch and meditate for a better purification experience, sent to your email prior to delivery. We certainly don’t mind this two-for-one!

Price: $80 per day
Delivery: every Wednesday to commercial addresses like your work place