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ZENZ – Organic Products

With increasing consciousness worldwide about the human impact on the environment, beauty companies across the world are being lauded for their efforts to create natural, environmentally friendly products without compromising on quality.

Zenz Organic Products was set up in 2010 by an eco-conscious hairdressing chain concerned by the prevalence of harsh chemicals within hairdressing salons and the wider beauty industry. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, they have received numerous awards for their high quality eco-friendly products as well as the impressive title of the world’s first certified green hairdresser. After spending many years working for the New Zealand distributor of a high-end German skincare brand, Vicki Lamb decided to set up her own business, Simply Natural, in order to import and distribute Zenz products and give New Zealanders access to its 100% natural and organic hair care range.


What is it about Zenz that made you decide to set up a business in order to import and distribute its products in New Zealand?

A  good friend of mine was seriously ill with a body-wide infection, so I did some research and found that showering and washing hair is the most susceptible time for chemical exposure. I had heard about Zenz from a colleague who is a corneotherapist, and realised there was an opportunity to provide true chemical-free, organic, eco- and allergy-certified haircare products to the NZ market.


Tell us a bit about the products themselves: what sorts of ingredients do they use and what are the benefits?

To name a few, purified organic aloe vera, organic cold-press avocado, chamomile, lavender, orange, and more. The pure range can be used for sensitive skin and scalps as well as for babies. Deep wood can be used for hair loss, Sweet sense for volume and eucalyptus for oily, but all have amazing qualities. There are also an oil range that have healing qualities.


Do you feel that there is a growing awareness in New Zealand about the harsh chemicals used in most conventional haircare products?

Yes, I think that people are becoming more aware, especially with increasing allergic reactions to some conventional hair products.


One of Zenz’s key philosophies is providing a healthier working environment for hairdressers, do you believe that we are starting to see a much stronger ‘green movement’ within the beauty industry as a whole?

Yes, there is differently a move to eco-responsibility, but it can be difficult for salon operators to determine what true ‘green and organic’ products are as there is  quite a bit of marketing misinformation out there.


Do you have a personal favourite Zenz product?

Mine is the Pure range and the mousse, just love them, they make life so easy when comes to doing my hair. I don’t do bad hair days.

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