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Lifestyle June 8, 2018

Your Dog is Gonna Love You Like Never Before

The days of feeding your pet a generic bowl of biscuits are over. With humans rediscovering the health benefits of whole and raw food diets, it was bound to follow that pet parents would start to question the processed foods they feed their cats and dogs as well. 


“You wouldn’t subject your family to a constant diet of junk, so why would your pet be any different?” says Amber Cordero, co-founder of The NZ Natural Pet Food Co.


Amber Cordero and Jacqueline Taylor started The NZ Natural Pet Food Co. in 2016 out of a desire to give pet parents a convenient, natural, and complete raw diet to feed their pets.


“Our pets are getting sick and living shorter lives than they did 20 years ago, which is very concerning. Recent studies are finding in particular that dry food (kibble) is linked to a number of health disorders in animals including allergies, diabetes, and cancer.” Taylor says. 


“People are finding that if they spend a bit more on feeding their pets the right kind of food, not only are they investing in their pet’s health but also cutting down on vet bills in the long run. We want our animals to not just live and survive, but to thrive,” says Cordero 


The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. combines fresh, raw food and utilises a gentle freeze-drying process which protects all the natural enzymes and goodness. Only the water is removed, so all nutrients remain in the food, including the taste. 


“It’s simply delicious, raw food that your pet will love!” 


The NZ Natural Pet Food Co. products are now available in selected pet health stores, cafes, and Vet clinics nationwide. 


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