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Advert Health & Fitness November 18, 2017

Weight Control with Dr Habit

Premium health psychology coaching: for the successful woman who can control everything — except her weight.


In last month’s Verve, you explained how stress can cause unwanted weight gain.

That’s right. Chronic stress can slow the metabolism — causing calorie conservation and fat retention. And, insult to injury, also trigger emotional eating.


Is all unwanted weight caused by stress?

Not at all. Some people, especially as they get older, simply need to eat a tiny bit less, in conjunction with a little more exercise. But it’s more complex when chronic stress is involved in unwanted weight.


You say it’s “more complex” — is it harder to lose ‘stress-weight’?

Not really. It’s just different. As there are more psychology issues involved — you need more psychology tools. For example, Marcia’s testimonial shows the power of working with the psychology issues:

“I’ve lost 20kg by exercising more and eating better. It really helps remembering what Rebecca says about weight-loss: that it’s not the most important thing in life… Yes I will get skinnier but does that mean that it would make me happier? No, it will make me healthier and fitter, which will make things easier physically, but weight-loss is not the main thing that would make me happier – if that makes sense. It also helps remembering that weight-loss is more bearable if you are happier, love yourself and remember your self worth” — Marcia Kapuvai, Hanmer Springs, NZ.

Disclosure, Marcia is my niece. She did all the work, I simply gave her some psychology tools to make it easier.


How can you tell if your unwanted weight is stress-related?

One sign is your weight is around your middle – apple-shaped rather than pear. Another is you fear your partner may leave you because of your weight or you fear your weight is a barrier to attracting your life partner. Another sign is that you have lost weight only to regain it.

You can see another 12 signs your weight-control struggles are stress-related by visiting,


Any tips for helping with emotional eating?

Funny you should ask that! You can read my article ‘The top psychology strategy for beating emotional eating habits’ at

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