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Lifestyle People September 27, 2017

Vote for Sustainability

The election is approaching rapidly. The Green Party is standing for sustainability — a heathy environment, a fair society and a sound economy. We are proposing innovative and viable solutions — our policies are independently costed and they are affordable.


Our unique natural environment is our heritage and our legacy for future generations. But it is being destroyed. Currently 60% of our rivers aren’t swimmable, native forests are being damaged by mining, our marine environment is being degraded by commercial fishing, and greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 19% under this government.


The Greens will increase resources for the Department of Conservation, protect our native species, clean up our rivers, and initiate a Royal Commission of Inquiry to strengthen and streamline the Resource Management Act. We will protect our unique natural heritage.


New Zealand has a proud tradition of fairness. But now we have the highest level of homelessness in the OECD, the highest rate of teen suicide, the second highest rate of imprisonment and one of the highest rates of child poverty. Auckland is the least affordable city in the world.


The Greens will give priority to the health and wellbeing of children, including warm, dry and affordable homes, reform of our welfare system and support for special needs in our education system. We will build a safer, fairer and more equitable society that leaves no child behind.


Despite the government’s spin, evidence shows the economy is unsustainable, and relies on housing speculation, inflows of dirty money and unprocessed commodities. When immigration is included, GDP per capita is below the OECD average and actually fell in the last two quarters. Productivity is below the OECD average and prices are higher.


The Greens will transition to a sustainable economy. We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 and support business opportunities in high growth sustainability markets. We will switch spending from roads to public transport, reducing traffic congestion and making our cities more liveable. We will invest in R&D, innovation and skills training. We will reorient agriculture from unprocessed commodities towards natural foods, organics and added value exports, and strengthen our clean green image. We will support small business and our thriving creative economy.


New Zealand needs the Greens in Parliament, putting sustainability at the heart of government. We will protect the environment, support the vulnerable and create a sustainable economy. Vote for a sustainable future. Party vote Green.


Barry Coates MP, Green Party |
Barry Coates is a current MP (since October 2016) and Green Party candidate for Epsom electorate.

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