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Fashion & Beauty Featured People October 5, 2017

Verve interviews: Elle Macpherson


We chat with the iconic Australian supermodel, Elle Macpherson, about her move into the wellness industry, her alkalising supplement the Super Elixir, and the importance of being healthy both on the inside and outside.


Welleco frequently discusses the importance of having an alkaline-based diet. What exactly does this entail? Is there a scientific basis behind it?

I have learnt that by reducing acid-forming foods and replacing them with ‘live’ nutrients and raw produce, that the body can return to a healthy balanced state and allow the digestive system and liver to rest and recuperate. For the body to work optimally, balance is important and so much of our food, processed for convenience can have little nutritional value. This, along with stress and modern living habits, can mean our bodies are not functioning at their optimal healthy rate, throwing our system into an acidic state.

Over the years I have learnt that if I nourish my cells from the inside it will show on the outside. This is why I established WelleCo three years ago with my co-founder Andrea Horwood Bux. We wanted to start a premium wellness company based around the extraordinary alkalising formula I was originally prescribed by Dr Laubscher PhD, my Nutritional Doctor. Our first product was an all-natural and wholefood daily multivitamin, THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Formula. THE SUPER ELIXIR is made from 45 premium wholefood bio-live ingredients, that are carefully selected to work together, ensuring maximum absorption.  When you are nourished and maintain a healthy pH balance, it can assist with lowering acidity in the body that can lead to inflammation, low energy, weight gain and accelerated ageing of the cells.

It has transformed the way I feel, and made me realise what a profound impact good nutrition can have on the way I feel and how this can show on the outside.



What is the philosophy behind the Super Elixir, your flagship product?

We are often asked why we don’t provide THE SUPER ELXIR in pill form. Human beings have been conditioned over many thousands of years to absorb and safely use vitamins and minerals in their naturally occurring state – from wholefoods. Our bodies recognise nutrients from food and put them to use, THE SUPER ELIXIR is made from organic wholefoods that are live, active and easily absorbed.



How do you find and choose the ingredients for your products?

We specialise in making premium whole food and organic ingestibles, developed by our nutritional doctor. All ingredients work in synergy. Every ingredient is included for a reason. Each nutrient is recognised and every ingredient is live, active and easily absorbed by the body at a cellular level. We carefully source the premium wholefood ingredients for THE SUPER ELIXIR, Nourishing Protein and Sleep Welle Tea from known and trusted suppliers. All-natural, plant based and hand made in Australia.

Would you say that the pace of modern society is responsible for these nutritional imbalances?

Modern life has become a bombardment of toxins. From the chemicals in our foods, the ones we put on our skin, the ones we pump into the atmosphere, to the stress of our busy lives. WelleCo’s vision is to make it easy for people to make good choices for themselves. Keeping it simple, without the pressure. None of us are perfect, we aim to inform on living well and encourage the idea to simply do the best you can. Andrea and I could see a real shift in lifestyle priorities and an increasing emphasis on wellness, mindfulness and the concept of beauty beginning from within. We both believe in the profound effect of good nutrition and wanted to share these special bio-live, plant-based nutrients from Australia.



Do you think that there is a growing awareness about being healthy on the inside as well as the outside?

We believe this is a profound shift and that the future of beauty is ingestibles that are natural, absorbable and food-based. Beauty from the inside is a principle so compelling to Andrea and I that we dedicated our business to it. From the beginning, we knew that for an informed customer, adding a powerful natural bio-live ingestible to their daily routine would be a no-brainer. We started WelleCo to bridge new ground between wellness and beauty.



What are your top tips for general wellbeing?

At 53 I am more aware of my health and wellness. These days, like many women, I understand beauty radiates from the inside out. If you take care of your gut, nourish your body with clean, natural nutrients on a cellular level and try to live with a balanced alkaline diet, you will feel well and look better on the outside. Then throw in plenty of love and laughter to the mix. This is what works for me.



Can you give Verve readers any hints of new products to come?

From the beginning, we have set out to ‘create the things you wish existed’. We believe wellness and beauty isn’t defined by age or gender; it involves making the best choices for yourself and your family. We have just launched in Sephora Australia and Lane Crawford in Asia and plans are in place for our own flagship store in the US. Before the year ends, we are releasing our new product range of WelleCo Supernaturals. These are our list of must-haves in the bathroom, essential everyday natural products for the whole family to use. WelleCo has achieved so much in just over three years and we have a lot more to come. I am grateful and proud of WelleCo’s success and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Today WelleCo is available in over 60 countries and our online store has a global reach. THE SUPER ELIXIR sells out repeatedly through Net-a-Porter and Selfridges, is a bestseller at David Jones here and this year was named Best Beauty Product 2017 by Tatler magazine in the UK. What we are most proud of is our loyal and ever-growing list of global customers and self-appointed ambassadors who genuinely love the product.

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