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Health & Fitness December 14, 2017

THE URBAN HERBALIST | Stress, Energy and Liver Health!

Our top picks for Stress



1.Pure Encapsulation B-Complex Plus

Why we love it: The B Vitamin group is essential for the nervous system (i.e. Stress!), for conversion of carbohydrates into energy and in the metabolism of fats and protein. But this isn’t your average B Complex, it has all your B Vitamins in their Activated form, meaning they don’t need to be metabolized by the liver to start working – so they will act faster, absorb better and will spare your liver the extra work. 120 Capsules – RRP $64.90





2.Mito Q Liver

Why we love it: Mito Q – The most powerful form of CoQ10 due to its patented delivery technology – making it over 800 times more bioavailable inside each and every cell in the human body – giving you amazing energy and anti-oxidant protection. Also – the “Liver” version has extra goodies like Milk Thistle to help your liver recover quickly throughout the festive season.  60 Capsules – $84.95




3. Lipozomal Zen

Why we love it: Feeling the stress yet? Move over rescue remedy – this liquid gold packs some serious punch for instant stress relief. Contains two powerful ingredients – GABA and L-Theanine in a liposomal oral spray for enhanced absorption. Gives you and blissful sense of calm in a matter of minutes. Use day or night when required. 50ml – $79.99







4. Absolute Essential–Tranquility & Meditation

Why we love it: You will fall in love with this NZ made, certified organic blend of essential oils. Use in your diffuser or simply massage on your temples to help yourself wind down at the end of the day – safe to use in children and especially great for those who hate taking tablets or simply want to create a serene atmosphere in their home. 10ml – $29.90



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