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Fashion & Beauty August 4, 2017

Unparalleled Luxury

It is always exciting when a new business opens for trade, and so it was when Luxury Brands threw open its doors to the many curious shoppers who frequent Broadway, Newmarket.  The Verve girls where thrilled to see an array of designer luxury bags adorning well-lit shelves and display cabinets, and enjoyed a quick chat with the owners, who look forward to sharing their passion for bags and wallets with you.


What inspired you to open this type of store?

Our store would have been, and still is, the first high end store to sell parallel imported goods.


Can you tell me more about your grand opening?

We’re holding the grand opening special starting on the 4th of August. There will be up to 25% off selected styles.


What made you choose to sell certain brands such as Prada over others?

I researched a lot to find the best and most popular brands, and selected those over the rest.


Is there a method to your display?

Yes. We display Chanel bags on the right of the shop because we are actually the only store to sell them in New Zealand. On the left side we showcase what’s trending, such as the 2017 Prada Cahier.


How do you help ladies decide which bag to get?

You can tell what brand someone is partial to by what they wear when they enter the shop. If they wear mostly Prada we take them to the Prada section, to help grow their collection. Because different styles are grouped together, they also have the opportunity to look at styles they might not otherwise have had a second look at.


How do you set your store apart from the others?

We import directly from Italy, which allows fast importing times. We also sell duty-free, and as mentioned earlier we are the only suppliers of Chanel handbags.


Do your prices differ compared to the city’s central stores?

The prices would vary due to the difference in stock. We also hold a much larger variety of bags and accessories.


How do you give customers a reason to come back?

We treat every customer as a VIP and build a rapport with them, working with them personally to find the right bag or accessory. If you sign up as a member, you also receive $30 store credit to use towards your first purchase.


Do certain types of bags suit certain types of people?

Rather than trying to put the customer into a box, we let them choose what they know suits them, as they know themselves best. We simply help them find their own perfect bag.


Do you plan on opening any new stores in the future?

Yes, I plan on opening one in Queenstown because it has lots of tourists and high income. I also plan to open one in Wellington also for its high income, which is important due to our customer base.


Luxury Brands
130 Broadway, Newmarket

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