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Advert Home & Design October 22, 2017

Time for a maintenance check

Spring weather – rain, wind, hail and icy winds. The blossoms have been blown off the trees and the leaves are appearing. The ground is sodden, there’s mud everywhere and the gardens look awful. The exterior needs cleaning, as do the slippery paths and cobbles. This is just outside—there is more to do inside.


A lack of maintenance by landlords can result in upset tenants and they can send a 14-day work order to the landlord if these maintenance jobs are not done. It can then go to a tribunal where the judicator can order landlords to carry out the maintenance required.


Anything that can be categorised as safety, security or hygiene should be prioritised. Some issues are not always landlords’ responsibility, such as blocked waste-masters, the broken oven because the controls have been moved, or the washing machine that drains into a tub but the tenant has left the plug in so water has poured over the top of the tub onto the floor.


Landlords, ensure you do regular inspections of your property and get these cleaning jobs done to keep your tenants happy and your property looking smart. Get out the water-blaster, do some painting, remove mould and gardening tools.


You will be pleased with the results of your spring cleaning.


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