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Fashion & Beauty Health & Fitness February 16, 2018

The Congruent Facelift

Surgeons’ and Scientist’s new book collaboration is published!


Early January 2018 saw the publication of a new book by plastic surgeons Lawrence Ho (Sydney) and Michael F. Klaassen (Auckland), and bioengineering scientist Kumar Mithraratne (Auckland). The publisher, Springer, is European-based and has a reputation for producing high quality medical and scientific textbooks.


Klaassen, who practises from OneSixOne Gillies in Epsom says the book has been four years of focused collaboration between himself, his mentor in facelift surgery Dr Ho, now retired in Sydney, and Dr Mithraratne, a senior research fellow at Auckland’s Bioengineering Institute. Klaassen worked with and was influenced by Ho’s techniques of contour congruent facelifting from 2004, when he was based in Sydney at a large teaching hospital. He met Kumar when he returned to Auckland in 2010 and was introduced to him when employed by Auckland University to lead the surgical skills centre in Mountain Road.


Their book, titled The Congruent Facelift: A Three-dimensional View, is perhaps the first of its kind, combining nearly 80 years of collective facial rejuvenation experience, focused on the 3D anatomy and ageing of the human face, and benchmarking this against biomechanical models of the face.


The three authors first presented their collaborative work to a select international audience gathered for a conference in Queenstown in April last year, organised by Klaassen and titled The FACE2017. Since then, another paper written by Klaassen and Prof Jim Frame from England, ‘The Concept of Aesthetica’ was published in Surgical Clinics in October 2017.


Klaassen emphasises that facelift surgery is not for everyone but the complex issues involved require both experience and surgical judgement gained over many years of practice. He hopes the new book will provide an essential guide to young plastic surgeons graduating from their training programmes both here in New Zealand and elsewhere.


Words: Michael Klaassen

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