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Fashion & Beauty Health & Fitness February 11, 2018

Targeted Fat Elimination is Now A Reality

Yvonne Marvin has been helping people to sculpt their bodies for more than 30 years. She’s an ex-bodybuilder, qualified personal trainer and mentor. Her clientele includes some of New Zealand’s best-loved celebrities and sports people.


In all her years of helping women and men achieve their best body, Yvonne has gained a rare skill. She knows how to look at your physique and recognise what needs to be done. Her eye for visual balance in a body is legendary. Some areas might need to get smaller; others might need to be increased in size. Resistance training has always been her primary tool, however Yvonne recognises that it can’t do everything.


“No matter how much you trim down or shape up, sometimes there will always be fat deposits that stubbornly refuse to budge. Exercise and careful eating will shed fat, but the reduction won’t always happen in the right places. But that’s changed now. I have a new trick up my sleeve for dealing with those hard-to-shift pockets of fat.”


The new trick that Yvonne’s talking about is cool-assisted lipolysis non-invasive fat reduction. Not only does she recommend it to her clients, she’s gone a step further by becoming a trained practitioner for cool-assisted lipolysis at the CoolBody clinic on College Hill.

“Our treatment is effective for arms, midriff, lower tummy, inner and outer thighs, calves, inner knees and love handles — those places where you can grab a handful or two. It also works for the under-chin area. The treatment is really targeted and it’s non-invasive, so there’s no downtime.


“When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink — but they’re still there. At CoolBody, fat cells are actually eliminated and your body will never replace them. We’re seeing great results — the before and after pictures are amazing.”


How does it work?

Developed in Europe, the cool-assisted lipolysis equipment used at CoolBody is a clinically-proven and safe way to reduce localised pockets of fat. It has been used for more than one million successful treatments worldwide.

Cool-assisted lipolysis crystallises fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue.

After a treatment, the crystallised fat cells break down and are gradually eliminated by your body’s lymphatic system. This elimination process is called apoptosis and takes six to 12 weeks.

Fat cells that are eliminated this way never return. They are gone forever.

Different applicators are used for each area of the body.



What areas can be treated at CoolBody?

Treatments at CoolBody clinic are for those pesky areas of fat that you thought were yours forever.

Double chin, the most ageing fat deposit of them all

Arms, so that you can confidently wear sleeveless clothes

Upper, mid and lower back

Love handles and muffin tops

Upper and lower abdomen

Inner and outer thighs

Calves and inner knees


Get a free CoolBody consultation!

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