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Lifestyle July 31, 2015

Smashing Down Fashion Mindsets

Transform your wardrobe instantly with Shukini’s smart options! Shukini® — the new revolution in fashion — is bringing fabulous options to women.

The range comprises fashion add-ons that you can (in seconds) pair with your favourite ankle boots or shoes, transforming them into uber-cool tall boots. The anklet range gives you a more subtle transformation.

The Kiwi woman behind the label, Geraline Knox, demanded options in her footwear. Not finding what she wanted, this lawyer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and former news anchor and model, designed and launched the ‘shoe bikini’.

“These smart leather fashion accessories transform and refresh women’s existing wardrobes. They are also light-weight, pack flat and space-saving.”

“Even the guys get it! Some weeks ago, I unzipped one that I was wearing and then put another one on to show a girlfriend. A chap nearby commented, as he was walking out the door, that that was one amazing product — and he’d been on the phone the whole time,” laughs Geraline.

“We challenge norms and focus on limited resources and efficiency, producing uniquely relevant products that provide so many options. You can purchase without the usual guilt!”

She’s candid about what adds to setting Shukini apart. “We really rack our brains to think up the products — the look, construction, comfort and ease-of-use. A product idea that doesn’t meet those important requirements will get the axe. That’s why it’s taken us quite a long time to get to market.”

Shukini has a staple black over-the-knee and below-the-knee range, but recently introduced a limited edition OTK range. One of the items is a one-off  — a two-toned futuristic soft patent leather OTK that was recently borrowed for the filming of a dance video of an American singer.

One of the biggest advantages of Shukinis is that you’re not stuck with one look. All the items are detachable. The ‘tall boot’ range has a stretch back, so it hugs and elongates your legs — no more unintended saggy, baggy ankles or galoshes! “By wearing it with different ankle boots or shoes — your favourite pointed toe, round toe, square toe, peep toe, flat heel, mid heel, high heel, wedge or platform, or with different coloured shoes, you can create so many looks.”

They’re also easy to remove — a common complaint of wearers of pull-on tall boots is that they are hard to remove at the end of the day. “With Shukini, you’ll never have those catfights again! And if you don’t feel too territorial, you could even swap with your BFF without worrying about toe-nail germs,” Geraline added.

Another great feature — the price. “For less than a third of the price of the famed 5050 tall boots by Stuart Weitzman — or approximately the price of a pair of mid-range tall boots — you can create multiple looks by wearing the OTK with your stash of existing boots and shoes.”

Shukinis make so much sense. Check them out at, where the winter sale has just started. In August, Shukini will be giving away a pair of its OTKs to a lucky Verve reader, so be sure to enter.

Competition details will be published on the Verve website by 5 August 2015.

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