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Fashion & Beauty August 11, 2017

Signature Style


I’ve had a fabulous week working with a client who wants to look completely different.


She’s had two children in the past five years and like loads of new mums, has found the transition from working gal to pregnant to full-time mum challenging. She tells me (like so many mums I’ve met) that she feels that she’s lost herself a little. She reminisced with me about how prior to children she used to wear her hair in a myriad of styles, colours and cuts but she hasn’t had a decent haircut since her first child was born almost five years ago (we visit my hairdresser tomorrow). She’s loved learning how to apply make-up, not just for occasions, also she’s learned how to do a ‘five-minute face’.  To our first session, she wore a top that was tired and long past it’s best, and yoga pants. I am truly looking forward to creating a wardrobe that works for who she is now, rather than something she isn’t.


I often joke that comfort and style sometimes go together, but comfort and frumpy always do. I absolutely get that comfort is a key driver for so many of us when we’re choosing our clothes – after all who wants to spend the day feeling uncomfortable? I also believe that you can do comfort and style if you choose wisely.


There’s jeans out there with enough elastane to feel every bit as comfortable as yoga pants, but they’ll look a lot more polished when you head out for dinner with friends. There are soft, relaxed pants that flatter tummies but are made in fabrics and styles that elevate their wearer’s overall look even worn with a pair of trainers, team them with a block heel and the result is quite simply, “Wow!”. Grab a denim or bomber jacket and by the end of the first day in it, you’ll feel like you’re wearing your favourite cardigan.  With the rise of the ‘sports luxe’ trend, stylish sweatpants and sweatshirts abound and it’s totally acceptable to wear these to your local café. Look for relaxed knits and soft tees, but add accessories to lift them. As with anything, it’s the details that make the difference. Get these right, and you’ll go from frumpy to fabulous easily.


Want a hand to create a look that reflects who you are at whatever stage of life you’re at? I’d absolutely love to help! Just pick up the phone or drop me an email – let’s do a coffee!


Jackie O’Fee is owner of Signature Style.
Further information can be found on her website or give her a call on 09 529 5115.

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