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Health & Fitness February 15, 2018

Replenish, Rejuvenate. Restore

There is no reason why we need to create out-of-reach ideals and far-fetched expectations with ourselves, simply because we feel the new year should be a whole new beginning.


Didn’t we arrive here, through the doors of 2018, in one relatively whole piece? I certainly hope so! So, we did something right, correct? Perhaps we could have done it better.


We get sick of ourselves, whether visually, emotionally or mentally, and quite often reach for the tallest branch before enjoying the fruits on each branch before we get there. Nothing is worse than the let-down when those goals or expectations go flying out the door with the realisation that another new year is about to dawn!


Do not stress. That should be the mantra for all. We should all try to better ourselves, become someone we are proud of being, working on the inside so we can be better on the outside, and then better for those around us.


It is quite simple. Replenish our minds with the things that can make us happy, provide happiness and challenges, work on our contribution to others and how we deal with situations, so we too can feel fulfilled and by that, bring positivity to ourselves and others in difficult circumstances.


Rejuvenate our souls however we must, that benefits our health and mind, because these two things work together whether we like it or not. Most of all give ourselves time. It is the hardest thing to, but one of the most important. There is a lot we are faced with at times, and allowing ourselves peace and quiet to do what we feel is important, whether it be 30 minutes or a day, it will provide perspective and reflection — time is a healer and a problem solver, you cannot spend it more wisely than by allowing yourself this freedom. Restore those things which are good in yourself if they have been lost or temporarily put on the way-side, and keep building new foundations for other improvements and continual growth of all that you are.


There is no time limit, just day by day, piece by piece — there is no better time to start than now, and there is no final date for completion. And that’s really the best part.


Words: Donna Malneek

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