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Lifestyle People April 1, 2016

Photofinish | The New Way to Smooth Your Skin

Exclusive to Clinic 42. A revolutionary new way of using the botulinum toxin for cosmetic purposes is now on offer at Clinic 42, and the affects are fabulous! No more frozen faces, just a look of having returned from a holiday refreshed and untired!


Jude and Fran met with Ellen Selkon of Clinic 42 who was excited to tell them about a revolutionary new procedure that she feels very passionate about and now Verve wants to share it with our readers.


>> Q & A with Ellen <<


Verve: How is Photofinish different to a traditional Botox treatment, and what are its special features?

Ellen: With Photofinish we use a combination of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, mixed together under sterile conditions and, via micro injections with the Vital Injector, inject it over the entire face. The aim of this treatment is to smooth lines, minimise pores and give the skin a glowing, hydrated and fresh look.


V: Can you tell us more about the results: two hours post-treatment, two days post-treatment, and two-weeks post treatment?

E: Immediately after treatment you will be quite red. Two days post-treatment the redness has settled and two weeks post-treatment you will see the effect of hydrated skin with a softening of facial lines.


V: How long do the results last and how often should one have a Photofinish treatment for maximum effect?

E: The results last a minimum of 4-6 months. For maximum effect we recommend six monthly treatments.


V: Can we go back to work after the procedure?

E: You can although you may be a bit red, however we do have special camouflage make up at the clinic that we can apply for you. Some people may wish to take the rest of the day off.


V: If we would like to receive more information on this Photofinish procedure shall we just call your reception and make an appointment?

E: Yes, absolutely. You will need a 60-minute appointment and we apply numbing cream to the face for 30 minutes prior to treatment to make this a pain-free experience.


Clinc 42
321 Manukau Road | Epsom | 09 638 4242

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