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Art July 11, 2017

#PeopleToFollow | Art Edition


Molawin Evangelista is a photographer and creative freelancer based in Auckland. His work usually consists of commercial fashion photography and editorial design and has done work for a variety of local and international labels such as New Balance, Trelise Cooper, Commoners, Nike and H&M. When he is not being a photographer, Molawin also works full-time as a registered mental health nurse.



Pati Tyrell. Aiga, Artist, Photographer, FAFSWAG, Aitu, ActiVAtor, Pacific Navigator, Queer, Spirit & Sex enthusiast, Decolonizer. Interdisciplinary artist working in lens-based mediums and performance to explore his identity as a young gay Samoan man living in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa.



Toni Gill is an Auckland-based artist and graphic designer pegged for artistic feminism. She almost exclusively paints powerful women with flora, fauna, wild animals, and stitches them together. Spurred to create a style somewhere between bootleg film posters and contemporary Japanese art, her multidisciplinary work takes cues from classic motifs through the perspective of outsider art.



Gabriella Bowden, 20, is a full-time painter who creates large-scale portraits of friends and strangers, the latter usually becoming the former. While portraiture initially began as a means to attain catharsis, it became an occupation very quickly. She enjoys the technical challenges that painting people presents but hopes to branch out into more conceptual work, and primarily views Instagram as less of a selling platform and more of a large practical joke.



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