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People June 9, 2017

#peopletofollow | Pets


TakerOne is a photorealistic graffiti artist from Hungry who now resides in Auckland, New Zealand. In this image he has painted ‘The Queen of Fluff: Smoothie The Cat’.



Spotted a “Doge” on Auckland streets, chances are you are meeting Tsubaki — a 2.5-year old boy Shiba Inu. Born in Christchurch, Tsubaki flew up to the Big Smoke a year ago and currently roaming mostly around central Auckland. Instagram account @cicinz13 broadcasts his daily whereabouts and latest adventures in English and Japanese.



James Dore is an Australian photographer who specialises in portraiture, fashion, and editorial photography. He focuses on shooting couples, children, families and pets. James is also the founder of Me and You, a portrait studio that produces fun, bright and inspired portraits.


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