September 20, 2017

Pastel Picks

Verve explores the trending fashion trend with pastel picks this month.

1. Rocket Man drop earrings from Hera Saabi. 2. Apollo drop earrings from Hera Saabi. 3. Kowtow Just Love White Shirt

1. Kowtow departure blazer, rose $24. 2. Kowtow Foundation Dress Chambray 3. Kowtow Just Love Shirt 4. Kowtow Odyssee Pants 5. Kowtow Classic pants, rose $199

1. Staple + Cloth Sway Dress. 2. Penny Sage Stardate Dress $340 worn with Sterling Silver Belt by Zelda Murray (Price POA). 3. Penny Sage Nimoy Dress $490


1. Juliette Hogan Luxe Tank RRP$249.00 and High Waist Drape Short RRP$349.00. 2. Juliette Hogan S17 LB 46- Lizzie Dress RRP$499.00. 3. Juliette Hogan S17 LB 18C-Vega Cami RRP$319.00 and Flow Split Skirt RRP$699.00.  4.  ALEXA RESORT Greta dress in blush $395 & ALEXA RESORT Deb Blouse in blush $349 matching resort pant $395.



Penny Sage – 
Juliette Hogan –
Kowtow –
Hera Saabi –
Staple + Cloth –
Alexa Resort –

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