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Jude & Fran from Verve


Fran & Jude interviewed on ‘If Only They’d Told Me’



It seems like many moons ago that Jude and Fran met through a mutual mate (2004 to be exact). Bound by a common need to find a new way to earn a dollar, and both energetic and artistic, they dreamed up a business that would provide an outlet for their creativity and imaginations.

Jude with her knowledge of Auckland, local business and the people that make New Zealand tick, and Fran with her previous publishing and marketing experience, plus their shared passion for glorious gloss, saw the genesis of their own magazine, Verve.

Meaning vitality, energy and spirit, Verve celebrates life in all its colourful splendour, and is a feast of local news, events, personalities, fashion, design, food, health, beauty, entertainment, gardening and pets, real estate and so much more.

Over the years Verve has developed and evolved into the much-loved magazine you see today. Email inboxes peppered with compliments from satisfied advertisers and elated readers are testament to fact that Verve hits the sweet spot time and time again.

From humble beginnings the Verve office has grown into something a little more substantial and is now home to a small but enthusiastic, skilful team made up of design and sales talent, as well as, of course, Jude and Fran, all of whom just love publishing and magazines, and most especially – Verve.

And it shows.




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