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Featured Health & Fitness April 14, 2018

New Zealand’s Queen of Sleep

Our fast-paced, always-on lifestyles are leading to more sleep disorders. Thanks to Kirsten Taylor – medical herbalist, nutritionist, naturopath and founder of SleepDrops — a range of professional solutions is at hand.


The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is crucial to good health. Often underrated, if you go without it you’ll soon begin to worship it. Indeed, if you’re feeling irritable or unmotivated look at your sleep patterns. Sleep equates to quality of life as well as your ongoing health and happiness. It’s that serious.


The Sleep Specialist

In 2009, naturopathic sleep specialist Kirsten Taylor was making sleep formulas to help her clients. She hadn’t tried them herself, but then the GFC hit. “I was a single mother who’d just been ripped off by a business partner so I was broke, anxious, and unable to sleep,” she says. “I tried one of my formulas, and I woke up eight hours later feeling more alive than I had in months.”


Lightbulb Moment

While walking her son to school a lightbulb went on. “I’m not the only one not sleeping. I could make something everyone needs,” says Kirsten. “So I put an ad in The Aucklander.” Referencing some old marketing notes she added customer centric guarantees, testimonials and a ‘limited time’ offer and put the chosen formula in large bottles with a healthy price tag. “It had to have all the components because it had to work,” she says. “The phone rang 16 times and proved I wasn’t the only one lying awake worried.” She filled the orders by making handmade labels and hand pouring the bottles at night.


Creativity From Desperation

“Out of desperation came creativity,” says Kirsten. “I was totally under-resourced. There was no seed funding and I was up against big multinationals, but I kept my message clear— I genuinely cared about everyone getting to sleep. Sleep is the foundation for all health and wellbeing. It can restore joy, laughter, libido, even marriages and friendships.”



What Is SleepDrops?

SleepDrops is the only professionally formulated range of sleep and stress remedies that caters to individual sleep challenges, and addresses going to sleep, staying asleep, going back to sleep and waking up feeling great. There are products for all ages and lifestyle stages and a unique flexibility that enables people to customise their own sleep/stress programme. One formula has grown into a range for adults, women, men, babies, kids and menopause and includes liquids and nutritionals to feed the nervous system.


No.1 Brand

Entering the retail pharmacy market in 2012, SleepDrops rocketed to the number one brand in less than a year. “I didn’t even know because I couldn’t afford to buy the data,” says Kirsten. “We’ve now been number one for the past five years, and obviously I’m no longer capable of hand pouring the 90,000 products a year sold in New Zealand.” And that’s only the half of it. and are stocking SleepDrops and other markets are desperately seeking effective natural products to meet the insomnia epidemic every country is experiencing.


Landing On NZ Supermarket Shelves

Currently rolling out onto ALL supermarket shelves, SleepDrops will now also cater to the 120,000 people who visit a supermarket twice a week. “Supermarkets know the modern customer who has a crying baby at 11 o’clock at night is going to send her husband to wherever is open for something to help,” she says. “They’re not going to wait until the next day.


“Also reflecting on where we’re at the in the world right now, our nervous systems are over firing, sleep deprivation and burn out is becoming an epidemic, help should be available in supermarkets. If someone has had a hard day they can pick up some Daytime Revive and take it right there in the supermarket aisle. People should be able to get what they need when they need it. That’s the world I want us to live in.”


Help For All

Kirsten’s passion is helping people sleep so she’s excited to see her products widely available in both pharmacy and supermarkets nationwide. “Our supermarket range is our family value 25ml spray version for only $25,” she says. “I wanted it to be accessible to everybody regardless of income if that’s what they need.” As always, our full premium range will be available in pharmacy where people can get that extra level of care if they need it.


Words: Jenna Moore

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