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Fashion & Beauty February 11, 2018

Q&A MELISSA CARR | Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist in Helensville

Having been trained by some of the world’s foremost experts in this field, Melissa Carr’s credentials as a cosmetic and medical tattooist are second to none. She continues to stay up to date by engaging in further advanced training twice a year with many of the world’s top master trainers. Her promise to her clients is to continue to push knowledge boundaries by investing in ongoing education and regularly attending master classes in both cosmetic and medical tattooing. Prior to working in the cosmetic tattoo industry, Melissa worked as a beauty therapist for many years.


How is tattooing different from microblading?
Tattooing and microblading are both tattooing they are just ‘different’ techniques. Microblading brows gives the most natural looking tattooed brow. It is performed using a hand tool not a tattoo machine.


How is a cosmetic tattoo different from a normal tattoo?
Cosmetic tattooing uses different pigments to body tattooing: the pigments are semi-permanent which is ideal when tattooing the face. The face will continue to change as the skin ages over time, and so as the skin changes we are able to make adjustments to the brow, eyeliner and lips to suit.


What is medical tattooing?
Medical tattooing is a simulation or camouflage technique that uses 3D tattooing, for example, simulating a nipple and areola for clients after cancer and breast reconstruction. Some patients are left without a nipple and areola after surgery, so these can then be simulated with 3D tattooing with very realistic results.

Camouflaging can for example be used for a cleft lip; I redesign the lip contour to camouflage the scarring and puckering and simulate the look of full lips that appear more symmetrical.


I also do scalp micro-pigmentation. This is used where there is hair loss: here I can simulate a hair follicle with tattooing, resulting in the look of a shaved head with a ‘five o’clock shadow’ and a restored hairline.


To read about Fran’s experience with Melissa, click this link.


Contact Melissa Carr:
09 420 9775 — 021 187 2661

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