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Food & Wine Lifestyle June 30, 2017

Mark Wallbank & Che Barrington’s new restaurant, Honeybear, is now open.

Strong Burmese influence: Burmese cuisine has been continuously cross-pollinated by its neighbouring countries: China, India, Thai and Bangladesh. So expect a broad range of exotic herbs and spices in our sauces, rubs, marinades and basting pastes.


Fermentation: We’re going big on fermentation. We’ll be fermenting our meats, our breads, our pickles and our drinks. Health advocates will get a bit nutty about the probiotic goodness and gut health, but the main reason we’re making fermentation central to our food philosophy is because of the rich, mouth-watering ‘sour’ flavour profiles it gives Che to work with. The food just tastes amazing.


Kombucha-based cocktails: Kombucha is such a versatile beverage. And that light, sparkling, quenching quality is the perfect match for warming, Burmese spices. We’ll also be using sour yoghurt in many of our drinks. We might even be making our own Kefir – we’ll see.


Slow cooking: Some of our dishes must be prepared three whole days before they’re served. Straight away, that requires a very different sort of kitchen process and it’s taken us a while to get our heads around it – but the flavours are worth it. We want to be able to serve slow food fast.


Dosas: enormous, fluffy, and crispy; full of tasty fillings, our dosa are already proving the star of the show. They’re as delicious as they are fun to eat.



Ponsonby Central | 4 Brown Street | Ponsonby | 09 360 8080

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