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Home & Design December 14, 2017

Looking back on the year

It was going to be a great year, 2017. It started well, after a sunshine-filled family Christmas with my twin sister in Tauranga.


Then, back we headed to the office ready to rent lots of property — but it was not so!


After the usual rush of January-February, rental enquiries were down. Properties were slow to rent and it continued throughout the year. Government elections and the uncertainty of the parliament did not help, and now we are in December and everything slows as people do not want to be looking for properties so close to Christmas.


We have had many owners sell their properties this year, and what amazing prices they are getting. So, we lose management properties, and tenants are losing their homes.


With the new government suggesting radical changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, such as increasing the 90 days’ notice and landlords paying letting fees, is not helping. Insulation regulation comes in on 19 July 2018, and all rental properties must have some form of insulation or heating by that date.  All of these things are not encouraging investors to invest in residential rental properties. We need the rental properties available for families who cannot afford to buy a home, just as much as we need affordable homes for the first-time home buyers!


If there are less rentals available, then the rents will go up! What a conundrum.


Christmas is coming. It’s my favourite time of the year—up go the Christmas decorations and twinkly lights at Just Rentals. We shall look forward to the New Year  with optimism and commitment no matter what 2018 has in store. We are the ‘A Team’, the ‘Family Team’, at Just Rentals, with 18 years of experience and a passion for what we do: placing families into homes.


Christmas wishes to all our landlords. Enjoy the Holidays.


Sylvia  Lund AREINZ | Director
40 St Johns RD, Meadowbank
09 528 4817 or 09 528 4818

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