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Lifestyle October 11, 2017

It’s all in the finishing detail

Caroline Rennie wants people to make the linkage between the wellbeing of their home and their emotional wellbeing. This connection is the true essence of The Porcelain Lounge she says. The busy owner running two stores in Auckland and Wellington is convinced that the value of luxury home décor and coveted interior design pieces goes beyond the visual to the existential.


“The Danish call it “hygge” (pronounced hue-guh) which means wellbeing and cosy. Your home is central to your wellbeing. For me luxury accessories and sculptural elements are critical to our whole interior design look and play a much more intrinsic part of who you are” she says.


Walking through her ‘Salon of Style’, so many design jewels speak up from the shelves to make their presence known. It’s a truly sensory experience being surrounded by stunning designs of European craftsmanship with elements of the whimsical. Pieces that really are seriously funky. Even before setting foot in the store, the front window claims your gaze. There sitting elegantly behind the glass is a floral female face stencilled in gold on an alabaster vase by celebrated Danish designer, Bjørn Wiinblad – think  flower-power with panache.


“The whole concept for The Porcelain Lounge is to showcase objects that have a sense of personality, provenance and a dedication to form and function so when you pick a piece up it’s got a lovely aesthetic to it which all adds to the experience” says Caroline. In one corner on display is a handmade porcelain collection by MUD Australia of the most elegant proportions in sophisticated colours such as wasabi. The real delight is to hold the bowls that  have a beautiful gloss on top, yet the underside feels like suede.


“You’ll feel like your home is shining, raising the look and reflecting back who you really are”



Some of the Nordic brands stocked by Caroline include Kähler that has been producing ceramic art for 175 years since its first pieces appeared at the 1889 World Exhibition in Paris – where the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated. “In an ideal world we encourage clients to start here to pick out a couple of items that begin to inspire the look they want. It’s all about the finishing detail. You’ll feel like your home is shining, raising the look and reflecting back who you really are” she says.


The Porcelain Lounge website is purposely organised according to genre to extending this philosophy online and the store’s Instagram account helpfully suggests how particular pieces look in situ within specific colour schemes. Bold colour like that captured on a bold bowl by Kähler  designed by Danish fashion designer, Stine Goya who brought fashionista to porcelain – the four glaze result in pink, yellow, grey with a gold trim has translated that intention beautifully.


“You want to go home, to use items like this – inviting people around for a dinner party becomes lots of fun – people really admire these pieces” Caroline says “Some of these brands have been around for over 100 years, so you’re not going to be left wanting or disappointed.”


2/319 Remuera Road Remuera, Auckland  | +64 9 524 4973 |

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