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Health & Fitness April 20, 2018

Have you heard about CoolBody fat-freezing?

Fat-freezing specialist Yvonne Marvin answers questions about non-invasive body shaping.


What is CoolBody fat-freezing? The cryolipolysis technology used by Coolbody is at the cutting edge of body contouring. It effectively freezes fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. After treatment, the frozen fat cells gradually break down and are eliminated.


How long does it take to work? It varies from person to person, but results may be visible as soon as 16 days after treatment. Optimum results can be seen after eight weeks. Fat cells eliminated by Coolbody are gone forever.


Is it safe? The equipment used at CoolBody is a clinically-proven way to reduce localised pockets of fat. It has been used for more than one million successful treatments worldwide.


Which areas can be treated with CoolBody? CoolBody can be used to re-sculpt the body virtually anywhere you can grab fat. It works for arms, midriff, lower tummy, inner and outer thighs, calves, knees (inner outer and top) and back areas. It also works for the under-chin area. CoolBody treatments are a great way to fine-tune your shape for a wedding or holiday.


What makes CoolBody better than other fat-freezing clinics? CoolBody has headpieces in many different shapes and sizes. This helps to ensure a better result, because the headpiece can be matched precisely to the treatment area. Also, with CoolBody up to four areas can be treated at once. For no extra charge, you can request advice on food and exercise to assist your body improvement plan.

How long does a treatment take? The entire treatment process takes one hour and 45 minutes. During this time, the machine will be connected to you for 70 minutes.


Does it hurt? Sometimes there is a little discomfort at the start of treatment, but the freezing process numbs the area. Any discomfort generally goes away after a few minutes.


Get a free CoolBody consultation Find out if CoolBody is right for you with a free personal consultation. Call Yvonne on 021 923 430 or email, read more about Yvonne at


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