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Lifestyle March 1, 2016

Happy Easter

For centuries people have coloured eggs for Easter using dyes made from natural products like onion peels, bark, beets and blueberries. Here are some of the best natural recipes you should try out with the kids this year. It’s great fun.



  1. Put ingredients for each colour in a pot (size depending on the amount of eggs you want to colour). Put the eggs in the pot as well.
  1. Bring it to boil and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
  1. Remove the eggs carefully after 20 minutes and put them into a heat-resistent bowl. Pour the liquid from the pot over the eggs until they are completely covered. Add a slug of vinegar.
  1. Leave it to cool down at room temperature for at least for 4 hours (best over night). The longer you leave the eggs in the liquid the more intense the colour result will be.
  1. Remove the eggs from the liquid and let them dry.
  1. Once the eggs are completely dry rub them with oil to intensify the colour.



  • Try with white and brown eggs as the results will vary.
  • Also, try brown onion peels (peels of 4 brown onions + 6-8 cups of water), black tea (5 tea bags + 2 ½ cups water), green tea (7 tea bags + 3 cups water).
  • Try tying one or more rubber bands around the eggs to create a pattern on the egg shell.


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