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Featured Food & Wine March 5, 2018

GoodFor Parnell

GoodFor wholefoods refillery opens to the Eastern Suburbs with it’s new St George’s Bay Rd, Parnell site!


GoodFor is New Zealand’s founding zerowaste supermarket, beginning out of its Williamson Avenue store in Ponsonby early 2017, the business has proved to be successful in developing a following of customers who are actively changing their shopping habits to that of plastic packaging reduction.



GoodFor has an incredibly clean and stylish feel to their retail sites, with a selection of over 400 dry goods, oils & vinegars on tap, kombucha on tap as well as ecostore cleaning and personal hygiene products. They also provide everything you need to create a waste free lifestyle, from glass jars and bottles, organic cotton shopping bags through to bamboo tooth brushes and stainless steel thermal drinking bottles. GoodFor is also teamed up with an incredible charity “Trees For The Future” and for every purchase made at GoodFor, GoodFor donates the means to plant a tree. With 35,000 trees planted in the first 11 months of trading, they are set to make serious impact over the next decade.


Create your perfect packageless pantry.


The idea with shopping at GoodFor is for you to bring your own packaging into the store such as jars, bottles and bags. The really friendly staff weigh your packaging first and then that weight is deducted after you have filled everything up. If you don’t bring your own packaging, you are welcome to use the stores brown paper bags and empty into your jars etc at home. The 35,000 customers who have visited the Ponsonby store over the past 11 months are testament to how enjoyable the GoodFor shopping experience can be but also to the awareness of the public about how bad our nation and the worlds waste problem really is.



‘Approximately 352,000 tonnes of packaging goes into landfills each year. According to the Packaging Council of NZ, New Zealanders consume about 735,000 tonnes of packaging every year and recycle only about 58% of that. Plastic alone is estimated to take up around 20% of New Zealand landfill space’ –


Founders and brothers James and Paul Denton have always had the plan to take GoodFor to the entire nation and the world. They believe GoodFor’s model and brand is strong enough to influence change in the way society shops for their food.


GoodFor also offers 100% plastic-free deliveries.
Use the code Verve10 at checkout to receive 10% off your first order.


“Generally when people know that something is wrong they tend to take responsibility to fix the problem and as people become more aware about how backwards our attitude is toward plastic waste creation, taking the time to shop at a store like GoodFor is the convenient solution to that problem.



The new Parnell site is a variation on the Ponsonby site with more space, higher ceilings and a large communal bench which allows customers to pop their things on and navigate the store in a more relaxed manner. The store is positioned beside the La Cigale French markets, appealing to the weekend food shopper who can now pick up fresh veggies from the markets and then all their organic pantry goods from GoodFor, without all the unnecessary packaging that a supermarket creates.



GoodFor has a dream of a society where the ”packageless pantry” is as common to a household kitchen as a fridge. A packageless pantry is not only better for the environment, it is life changing in terms of diet, simplifying your life and it makes for one super stylish pantry!


79 St George’s Bay Road, Parnell
Open hours: 10am-7pm Weekdays / 8am-4pm Weekends / 027 822 6748

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