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Fashion & Beauty September 7, 2017

How to get the perfect Smokey Eye

I got to sit down with the amazing Eleanor Dorn of Eleanor Dorn Makeup, and not only get my makeup done (gosh, my job is hard) but get the low down from her as to how to wear the perfect smokey eye.


I have naturally big, round deer-caught-in-headlights eyes. Some might think having big eyes is great, and makes eye make up easy, but it’s quite the opposite. Any sort of heavy eye shadow and I start to look like one of those creepy Victorian china dolls. Anything too dark and I go zero to raccoon real quick. Luckily I had my very own makeup artist to guide me through the complicated world of eye shadow. Eleanor knows so much about make up artistry she even started her own brand of makeup, because there was nothing on the market she was truly happy with. Safe to say, I was in good hands. I got advice on everything from what’s best for my own eyes to different ages and shapes.

So Eleanor, being that I have big, round eyes, how did you make a smokey eye work for me?
Smokey eyes don’t necessarily need a super dark shadow. When I think of a smokey eye I think of a soft smouldering eye which you can build up the colour to create a more intense look, or keep it light for something classic. As you have big eyes, and a lot of eyelid, I was able to start light with your colour and darken up the outer corners of your eye to give you a soft, smokey look.

What product did you use on me?
The key products we used on you were the Eleanor Dorn Makeup Eye shadow primer to ensure the shadow lasts on your lids and doesn’t crease. Then Silver Smoke Eleanor Dorn Makeup eye shadow quad, which can take you from light to dark. Finally, Eleanor Dorn Makeup Gel Pencil Eyeliner in noir. This is a nice, creamy black eyeliner, great for defining and smudging the eye line.

What style looks best on close set and wide set?
Close set eyes, will really benefit from having an extra touch of light shimmer right in the inner corner of the eyes which will help open them up more. Wide set eyes can get away with slightly darker shading on the outer edges.

…And how about hooded?
With hooded eyes, as with any other eye makeup look on any eye, don’t forget to blend up slightly past the crease of the eyelid  otherwise your eyeshade will disappear when you open you eyes!

How about older eyes as compared to younger?
I don’t like to create limits on age and makeup — whatever makes you feel like yourself and the best ‘you’ works! However, my rule for anyone doing a smokey eye is start light and build up, you can always add more colour, it’s much harder to take off shadow that’s too dark. It also pays to have two brushes: one for the light eye shadow and one for dark, so you don’t end up with a smokey mess!

What trends are you feeling and what can we expect to see coming into spring?
Soft, dewy, glowing skin with a touch of blusher is defiantly my go-to this spring, along with coloured lips.


You can find out more tips and tricks for makeup, as well as shop the products Eleanor used in this article, on her website:
Words and images: Robecca Leyden, @sans_pareil_blog

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