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Home & Design March 20, 2018

GARDEN Column | Plants in the Home

Breathe life into your living space with some indoor plants. Over the last few years growing houseplants has become all the rage, and they aren’t just a pretty flower or leaf. Many indoor plants help oxygenate the air and filter out an array of airborne toxins commonly found indoors. And for those worried about their lack of a green thumb, here are a few tips and five easy care houseplant options to get you started.


Peace Lilies

Amongst the easiest plants to care for, peace lilies can be surprisingly forgiving of periods of neglect provided that you keep them out of the sun. One of the plants Nasa studied for their air-filtering properties.

Position: Best in bright indirect light. Can be grown in darker spots, just don’t expect them to flower.



Often known as snake plant, these succulents are incredible easy to care for. All too often any problems are a result of too much care. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to completely dry out before re-watering.

Position: Best in a bright sunny spot. Can cope with fairly dark spots but will have slower growth.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

In their natural environment they start of life growing in other trees (as an epiphyte). But over recent years they’ve become highly sought-after houseplant.

Position: Best in bright indirect light. Keep out of direct sun.



There are several varieties readily available. Most are grown for their foliage (which comes in an array of different shapes and sizes).

Position: Best in bright indirect light.


Moth Orchids

Often flowering for as long as six months. They aren’t hard to look after, provided you get the watering right and allow all the water to drain right through (the roots rot if they sit in moisture).

Position: Best in bright indirect light.


Words: Billy Aiken
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