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Lifestyle People May 5, 2016

Five Minutes with Wendy Francis-Ching

Wendy Francis-Ching’s beautiful home features on our pages. Wendy is the owner of Consignment Furniture — an up-cycle furniture store in Railway Street, Newmarket.


Verve thanks Wendy for sharing her beautiful home in our DESIGN feature this month. We asked Wendy some questions about herself and her home.


Is the architect someone you have followed?
I only bought the house in January but I can see what a great job Simon Pirie did in seamlessly converting the original house into the home it is today.


Were you attracted to the home because of its lightness and clean spaces?
Yes totally. My last two houses have been from the arts and craft era, which can feel a little cluttered, so it’s been great going back to light, open-plan, modern living.


Which room in your new home is your favourite?
We’ve been in the house through this glorious summer, so probably the kitchen/dining area as the glass doors slide away to make a fabulous flow through into the garden.


What makes you laugh?
Acerbic wit!


What is your philosophy for life?
I don’t really ascribe to a particular philosophy, but I try and find levity in life; humour, love and tolerance are key.

It must have been (and still is) an exciting journey when setting up Consignment furniture store? What inspired you to do this? It has been a bit of a slow burn as they say. We had a lot to do finding the right premises and location, sourcing quality pieces and getting the word out. The idea had been tucked away in my mind for a few years, then I was talking to Melissa Bowman from Apartmento, and Chris Harrison, and we decided now was the right time to go forward with it.


What is your favourite word?


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What is your favourite colour for interiors?


If you could invite three people to a dinner party (dead or alive) in your home who would you invite?
Funnily enough, we actually made this list at Christmas! It’s an excellent question and sparks a very lively debate. Two of my three died in the same week recently — David Bowie and Alan Rickman — and American satirical commentator Jon Stewart.


Where do you get your morning coffee?
At Orca of course… our amazing in-store espresso bar.


Photography: Duncan Innes

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