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Fashion & Beauty May 17, 2017

The Finest Diamonds in Auckland

GIA-trained diamond grader Julian Bartrom sources fine diamonds from around the world. He can find the perfect stone for you and bring it back to Auckland for your inspection.


Make an appointment to meet with Julian to discuss your needs.


09 5253 935 —


You’ll know a high quality stone when you see one, however, it’s also nice to know what makes one stone finer than the rest. Being flawless to the unaided eye is a given, but craftsmanship of cut is the most important — and underrated — factor for all gems. Cut makes them twinkle and glint. Perfectly cut stones are mathematically designed in accordance with the angles by which the light reflects within that specific variety of gemstone. As you move the stone, the light should reflect and refract like a perfectly timed visual orchestra, returning the light back to the viewer in a seamless and scintillating display.


With Julian’s wealth of knowledge and experience, there is no better time to find your perfect diamond!


09 525 3935 — 027 653 2784 |


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