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Food & Wine April 11, 2017

Entertaining with Dani Valent

Life is busy and schedules are jammed.


You’re tired and no matter how much you clean and tidy it seems the job is never done. It’s all too easy to decide you can’t possibly have people over for a meal. But think a moment. Happy memories and strong relationships are forged when you gather with friends and loved ones and allow time to enjoy one another’s company.


It’s important to carve out time for these occasions.


Eating at home is due for resurgence. It’s more relaxed and less expensive than eating out. Plus, the kids can roam around and you’re unlikely to have an impatient restaurateur evict you from your table.


Whilst the prospect of entertaining at home leaves some feeling less than enthusiastic, just imagine a book that does it all for you – from menu planning to music selection.


Dani Valent is on a crusade to bring people back to the dinner table.


With a specially curated dining experience to suit every taste and occasion this treasure trove of Thermomix recipes will take the guess work out of having guests, ensuring a restaurant experience at home.


Entertaining with Dani Valent is a compilation of menu plans, how-to-guides and handy hints that will ensure you spend less time in the kitchen, and more time as the life of the party.


Dani Valent is an award winning freelance writer with a passion for food. Known for her restaurant reviews and cookbooks, Dani is a self confessed “Thermomix freak”.


Thermomix has taken Chefs the world over by storm, attracting the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal. While in it’s infancy in New Zealand it’s popularity is growing at an unprecedented rate, attracting clients like Dave Anderson (Eden restaurant), Tracy King (Oh La La Chocolate) and former All Black Victor Vito.


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