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Art February 12, 2018


It’s album release day, and resident Grey Lynn ringleaders Eno and Dirty are pulled up with a boot full to the brim with their first vinyl records at Grey Lynn park bottom courts. The rap duo are yet to even drop the project on streaming services at this point, making sure to give the community that captured their sound the honourable first listen to their debut record, Evil Adventures & Happy Endings.


The same Kiwi ingenuity and humbling local spirit is clear from the jump on the albums intro track “What happens in Mangawhai stays in Mangawhai”, dialogue, where the pair resume their tireless countrywide shenanigans where the mischief last left off on their 2015 debut EP Easter Eggs and Good Sportsmanship. No matter where their antics take them though, it always comes back to the gritty heart of core, central Auckland and it’s very own little universe.


Always with the suavest of flows, Dirty articulates his blue-eyed Maori rapper experience over eight tracks complimented by producer Eno’s silky jazz/hip hop fusion. Joined for features by fellow Young Gifted and Broke members Tom Scott on ‘Nobody Knows’ and Lui Tuiasau on ‘Circles’, the record is an accurate observation of all the ins and outs of todays Auckland. From the rising gentrification of their hometown, to the normalised drug abuse they grew up around all the way forward to the pride they take in their distinctive swagger and their showcase of masculine self-love on luscious lead single ‘Shampoo & Conditioner’.


Whether Auckland-wide or on the outskirts, let Eno x Dirty do the honours of soundtracking your summer antics with their celebration of youthful Kiwi culture on Evil Adventures & Happy Endings. Stream the local project or support the duo via their bandcamp at


Words: Laura McInnes

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