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Health & Fitness People April 13, 2018

Earth & Entrepreneurship

Megan Sanders is founder of Earth, Wind & Indigo, a range of stunning wearable and highly collectable crystals for contemporary living. Verve caught up with her to chat about women and business.


“The path to Earth, Wind & Indigo came from my own belief in the life-altering potential of crystals to help centre, revitalise and realign an individual’s everyday living,” says Megan. “From ancient Eastern medicine to Cleopatra using crushed lapis luzuli crystals for eyeliner to help focus her third eye, today crystals are used in our modern everyday world of technology.”


For a long time, Megan reveals that she has surrounded herself with crystals — as have many of us also, probably without even realising so. “Think of things you use every day such as your computer and car,” she continues. “Your watch uses quartz crystals to help regulate its movement. Crystals are so precise that even our scientists use them for space exploration.”


Before Earth, Wind & Indigo took shape, Megan spent more than two decades as an advertising executive “posted all over the world”. “I loved the creativity and pace of the industry,” she says, “but when I had a son my priorities changed.”



Her son, “one cool seven-year-old called Jimmy”, inspired Megan to create a natural hair and bath range that “went on to be incredibly successful and was sold to a competitor in 2017”. He also, she adds, inspires in her much awe — especially watching his fearlessness when surfing some waves. “There are so many important values you want to teach your children,” says Megan, “but for me, responsibility for oneself and compassion for others is pretty key.”


I ask what important values she has learnt along the way.


“One of my mentors used to say, ‘Pressure makes diamonds’,” recounts Megan. “Luckily for me we met pretty early on in my career so that was something I could apply daily in the world of advertising.”


And now, fittingly, to work with crystals too.



She has two sisters, but it was also growing up with a couple of older brothers that Megan thinks most shaped her. “They were in to skateboarding and doing awesome stunts on their bikes,” she recalls. “I totally believed that I had the ability to do anything they could do which saw me in the hospital often, getting stitches or casts made for my limbs to mend broken bones — dolls just weren’t really my thing!”


She dreamt of owning a pet monkey, finding a huge treasure chest brimming with gold coins, and  possessing the ability to travel to every part of the world — like the hero of her favourite books, Pippy Longstockings.


“Aside from Pippy Longstockings for her fearless adventuring, my role model was seriously Wonder Woman,” says Megan. “I would watch her and think, ‘This is awesome, this chick is totally badass, and a superhero! Girls can do anything.’ Later, I sadly lost two of my life mentors to cancer but I am still lucky enough to have an incredible group of kickass women who inspire me daily.”


And as for Megan inspiring others?


“People have asked me for advice on whether or not that should chuck in the job and follow their dreams,” she says. “And my answer is always the same: ‘Life is short, make it count’.”


Words: Jamie Christian Desplaces

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