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Food & Wine November 7, 2017

Drink in Tube

Luxury wines and spirits by the glass


The first NZ estore that brings fine wines by the glass from the best estates and wine regions in France.


Launched in 2009, the concept behind Drink in Tube has since taken the wine world by storm. The world of fine wines is within everyone’s reach now. Experts acknowledge that eight out of 10 consumers are demanding more interesting wines and are willing to spend more on a great glass of wine rather than having a bottle of lesser quality.


Under the Drink in Tube process, the wines are transferred into a patented 100ml glass tube under inert gas and protected by an aluminium cap, allowing them to be stored for several years .


Drink in Tube is aimed not only at individuals but also to caterers, bars, delicatessens, selective wine shops, upscale event management specialists, and personalised gifts for corporate, weddings and birthdays.


Everybody can now enjoy great wines without opening a bottle, giving them opportunity to learn and understand different wines, give food another dimension, enhancing its taste by matching it with the right wine, or just to have fun thanks to tasting sets.


Our online shop offers a range of 15 wines and wine gift boxes from different wine regions of France, together with NZ wines from Marlborough. Great whiskeys, cognac, and cocktails gift boxes are also available.

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