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Culture October 12, 2017

Book Shelf – October

Our recommended reads for October



How Hard Can It Be?
Allison Pearson $35

Allison Pearson’s first novel was I don’t Know How She does It, which went on to sell around the world and was made into a very popular movie by none other than Oprah Winfrey. This new book hot on the bookshelves is bound to do the same. It is the story of wife and mother Kate who is the sticking plaster in her fragile family. Her husband has taken early redundancy and is “finding himself”, her teenage daughter is posting inappropriate images on Facebook and discovering that going viral is not neccessarily a good thing and her aged parents on both sides need more attention than Kate has time for. A significant birthday is looming for Kate but it is her need for a new job and how she juggles all the balls that are her family that is the star of this book. Take it on holiday put your feet up and enjoy and pass on to friends.


The Great Dixter Cookbook
Aaron Bertelsen $60

Aaron Bertelsen recently visited Arcadia bookshop and we had a splendid afternoon tea hearing him talk about his work at Great Dixter. He grows the vegetables in the wonderful gardens created by the late Christopher Lloyd.The book tells you what varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown in the garden plus there is a lovely collection of recipes using the produce to its best advantage and the third part of the book is a diary of gardening showing what and when to do all the things that you need to to get the best from your garden a la Great Dixter. This is the sort of cookbook you would buy even if you have never planted a carrot or some kale but if you are a gardener it is a pure delight.


Little Fires Everywhere
Celeste Ng $35

Set in a very reserved housing complex the Richardson family are long time residents and they also own a rental property on the far side of Shaker Heights which they have just leased to a young mum and her teenage daughter. Little Fires Everywhere begins with a disaster and a missing daughter and then you are pulled into a story that upsets the tranquil sedateness that the neighbours of Shaker Heights know and love and mingles two very different families’ lives at a cost to Elena Richardson who thought she could control everything. Good for solo reading but perfect for provocative bookclub discussion too.


Words: Doris Mousdale

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