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Culture November 4, 2017

Book Shelf

With warmer weather ahead, it’s almost time to open up a good book and relax in the sun. We’ve picked our favourite reads to get you started on becoming a summer bookworm. 



Beautiful Australian Homes Volume 2
Belle Magazine

Just unpacked from the publisher and it’s irresistable. Packed with beautiful photos of differently styled homes from the classic to the beach house with some decadence thrown in for good measure. The houses are from all over Australia and include town and country grandeur to inner-city terrace slick. It’s a good resource if you are restyling or a splendid coffee table book to browse through over and over. You will take lots of ideas that you can incorporate into your living style from between the pages of Beautiful Australian Homes and make them your own.



Coming Unstuck Recipes to Get You Back on Track
Sarah Tuck

Sarah Tuck is well-known around Auckland as a multi-talented food writer/personal trainer/stylist/photographer. Going through a personal crisis she realised that life had a lot ot offer and rather than throw a prolonged tantrum (which was quite tempting), she chose a new career, did a lot of yoga and got herself back on track by cooking for herself. This book tells how she cooked her way to a new and different way of life. Keeping friends close and treating them to some special ‘thank-you meals’ showed Sarah that food and eating well are integral to living an all-round better, balanced life.



Feed Your Brain The Cookbook
Delia McCabe

We all know what we shouldn’t eat and what we should eat to keep our bodies fit and our naughty eating patterns are often the product of a certain laziness of our own making. Delia McCabe gets you thinking about what you need to be eating to keep your brain fit and well aswell as the rest of your body. She explains the nutritional benefits that certain foods have and why we should include them in our daily diet. The 100-plus recipes are good for the whole family, including children, and include vegan- and gluten-free options.

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