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Lifestyle March 1, 2016

Book Review | March


Art in Minutes
Susie Hodge $30

Sometimes the perfect thing really does comes in a small package and so it is with Art in Minutes: 200 Key Concepts Explained in a Minute (and just two pages for each subject). It’s a dinky little reference book that takes you on a quick whizz through all the major movements, phases and developments in art. If you are looking for a jumping off point for a beginner or some easy accessible backup reference to fill in the gaps, then this little book will fit on your bookshelf, or even in your pocket.





561e1d4a7777acopertina-eyes-wide-openEyes Wide Open
Mario Calabresi $45

Art through the lens of a camera and the importance of being able to capture what you see in the moment, it happens, to fix a moment forever.

Eyes Wide Open is a collection of very famous photojournalists talking to Mario Calabresi in an interview about important moments in history that have been captured on film by other photographers. From the battle shots of Don McCullin to Sebastiao Salgado, the images sear both into your heart and mind.




thingexplainerThing Explainer
Randall Munroe $40

You most probably know him from his bestselling book What If? but now Randall Munroe has gone graphic and produced a book that scopes out all sorts of inventions, physics and geographical facts and figures. The other trick is he uses just the 10,000 most commonly used words and brilliant line drawings to do all his explaining so it suits a wide range of readers from clever kids to adults who need to brush up their knowledge and keep one step ahead so they can help the clever kids with their homework and school projects.

Having said all that, it’s just a jolly interesting book to sit down with and take in all the information so clearly laid out on the pages.




issacIssac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers
Melanie Walsh  $28

A brand new children’s picture book that simply explains why Isaac is different from his brother and other school friends. It describes his autistic symptoms as his own “superpowers” and what they make him feel like. The book will help family and friends begin to appreciate the challenges and strengths of children with autism and there is even a list of links at the back of the book to help you find out more about Asperger’s. A very useful and well-presented resource tool.

Words: Doris Mousdale


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