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Lifestyle June 18, 2017

Beauty Spot: Finesse Face and Body Clinic

“I have just experienced the most amazing facial from Sue at Finesse. My partner treated me and I had the most relaxing time. My skin felt so soft, tight, refreshed and renewed afterwards, and of course the smell was just divine – manuka honey mask!!! Sue also took the time to assess my skin, which has caused me some concerns for many years. Sue advised ‘we can easily take care of that’ as I relayed my concerns, and subsequently I have booked in for my next session. Sue makes you feel at ease, at home and more importantly I trust she has my best interest at heart, and I totally recommend her and her fabulous treatments.
Thanks Sue – see you soon” – Debbie


Behind the lime green door and up the stairs at 591A Remuera Road in the Upland Road village lies a face and body beautifying powerhouse.



Within these walls, serious technology, active ingredients and single pointed focus come together to create healthy, glowing skin. “We combine those tools with a holistic approach such as looking at your stress levels and diet to work with you over time to deliver outstanding results,” says owner Sue Crake. “Think of your face like a jumper. We can’t give you a new jumper but by using these advanced treatments we can take your jumper, unpick it and re-knit it. We can absolutely work with you to wind back the clock over time.”



On the clinic menu, you’ll find classic customised facials, pressure point massage, lymphatic massage and advanced skin and body treatments.



After training in the UK, Sue began Finesse with the Microtone Non-Surgical Facelift which uses 12 pads and probes to stimulate the muscles like a mini facial gym. It tones and boosts oxygenation and circulation. There’s also an option to use rollers to perform an even deeper lift. “We see phenomenal results with it,” says Sue. “We have clients who have been coming for 15 years, and their skin has barely aged.” Sue also uses state-of-the-art technology to treat the body. “We have Ultrasound for Cellulite and Bodyform Intensive Toning which uses pads to break down fat, improve circulation and re-contour hips, thighs, butt and arms for impressive inch loss. You need from eight to 16, half-hour treatments for best results,” says Sue.


Before and After one Hyaluron SkinCoach facial. Results vary according to skin.


Then there’s microdermabrasion as well as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light laser) which is great for skin rejuvenation, treating acne, pigmentation and hair removal.


Dermablading is also on hand. It gives a gentle exfoliation and removes the peach fuzz hairs from the skin; CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) aka needling is one of Finesse’s most popular treatments. “We use a dermapen from Germany, which has tiny needles and disposable tips,” says Sue. “Not all of these needling tools are equal in terms of efficacy. With this one, we can treat right up to the under eye and browbone. The treatment stimulates collagen production, improves pore size, minimises pigmentation and allows serums to penetrate deeply.”



Another sophisticated treatment is the Hyaluron SkinCoach Facial which uses a cold laser to activate cell activity followed by heated hyaluronic acid massaged into the skin before finishing off with the cold laser at a different wavelength with polymerised molecules. The wavelength makes the molecules into long chains so the body’s lymphatic system can’t break the effects down easily. “It works particularly well for thin, dry skin which is immediately hydrated and plumped.”



The famous Green Peel is another favourite. It’s been renowned globally for about 40 years. Hailing from Germany it’s part of the Schrammek range and uses a medically formulated potent mix of natural herbs with enzymes, minerals and vitamins to retexture and beautify the skin. “The Green Peel resurfaces like nothing else other than laser,” says Sue. “It’s very firming.”



In addition, Sue offers a range of lactobotanical, retinol, salicylic and glycolic peels along with the superior skincare and treatments of Osmosis and Aspect skincare ranges.



“We’ve really come to understand that aside from the sun and gravity, collagen loss is a major factor in ageing,” says Sue. “I recommend doing something treatment-wise to give the skin a bump and stimulate collagen at least every nine months to one year. Three things on my list would be IPL, CIT and the Green Peel.”


09 520 5331
591A Remuera Rd, Remuera








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