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Fashion & Beauty May 14, 2017

Are you brave enough?

I was asked by a media outlet today to comment on the apparent “celebrity stylist” makeover of Steve Irwin’s children Bindi and Robert, along with their mother Teri. It was interesting to note (and I relayed this to the journalist) that beyond Robert losing his bowl cut for a more modern haircut and Bindi sporting a few blonde highlights, it was almost impossible to see much difference. Apparently, Teri was a reluctant makeover recipient and this was telling as she looked almost exactly the same in the “after” shot.


Over the 16 years of Signature Style’s existence I have occasionally worked with clients who think they want a new look, but find the actual change too confronting.


One woman stays in my mind as her desired outcome was to dress more “sexy”. It was an interesting request (and an almost impossible one as “sexy” is an attitude rather than an outfit). We worked together through several sessions; her hair was cut into a stylish bob and taken several shades lighter, her makeup now included eye-defining colour, eyeliner and a stronger lip, the clothes we bought together skimmed rather than swamped her shape. Overall, she looked younger, more vibrant and she loved it! A few months later we caught up to do a shopping top-up and over coffee she told me she wanted to grow her hair into its old style and let it go darker. She asked for softer colours in her garments, and wanted them to be slightly “roomier”. In short, she wanted to look as she had before we started. When I asked her why she wanted to make those changes she said she didn’t like being noticed, felt uncomfortable with the compliments and really just wanted to be “less out there”. I felt sad for her, but I understood her fear.


What about you? Are you stuck in a rut, wishing you could look (and feel) different? Feeling brave enough to do it? I’d love to help you see yourself in a new way. Why not get in touch?


Jackie O’Fee is owner of Signature Style. Further information can be found on her website or give her a call on 09 529 5115.



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