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Health & Fitness April 20, 2018

ACTIVE CURVES: How it All Started

For years ‘they’ have been telling the overweight and inactive to ‘get off the couch, move more, be healthier!’  So, like a lot of others I’ve driven to the mall in the hope of finding something that made me feel fabulous and like I ‘belong’ when moving more.  Only, I’d walk out not feeling fabulous, not feeling like I fit in and asking my husband through tears of frustration, “How is anyone supposed to be more active when you can’t find anything that fits other than running shoes?”


Then 12 months ago an advert popped up on my Facebook: an overseas activewear company that specialises in ‘plus size’. Their range was gorgeous, colourful, high quality and went right up to an NZ size 32!

My mind starting racing. Surely I wasn’t the only one who walked out of the sports stores disheartened and into the arms of a comforting chocolate bar?  Every woman deserves to feel good no matter what they are doing, to embrace what they have and flaunt it if they want to — we are incredible! Every woman should be positive about themselves, be supportive of each other and feel like they fit in. So, before I knew it, Active Curves was born!


Within a couple of weeks I was meeting the CEO of the company who’s advert appeared on my Facebook page. The meeting was a huge success, he loved my enthusiasm and more importantly, my goals and my passion for helping women feel confident about themselves.


Since then, Active Curves has gone from strength to strength. Customers are coming back to me time and time again, the feedback on what Active Curves stands for has been so positive, so supportive and motivational. Our social media presence is increasing daily, along with sales which are invested back into the company to source more amazing clothes to flatter and embrace our ‘normal, not to be ashamed of’ beautiful curvy bodies!


Karen Smith | Founder Active Curves Ltd |

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