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Lifestyle February 10, 2017


UNDER THE AFRICAN SUN, authored by Gail Gilbride Bohle, is a wonderful debut novel, with which many will be able to identify in one way or another.




Remember that desperate time after university when career choices are made intertwined with mating matters? Love, desire, work, all jostle for time and space in a swirl of emotion and choice, set on South Africa’s 1970s stage with the grim backdrop of apartheid’s security police looming. Deborah Morley is an intern on a Cape Town newspaper. She’s told to shadow Charlie, the political reporter, and she gets to listen to the Prime Minister’s shocking speech and observe the reporting of it. She begins to have doubts about her choice of a news journalist career. What she really wants is a fairy tale wedding and a picket fence future in the suburbs. But her country is being torn apart by unrest and she’s in love with Chris, a Politics lecturer at the university.


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