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Lifestyle People January 26, 2017

5 Minutes With Mark Kneebone

How do you work on the lineup Mark?

It’s a long process that takes about 9 months of the year to put together. There are 4 of us between Auckland and Sydney that have input into the line up and it involves watching a lot of bands at various venues/festivals across the world and relying on a wide network of agents and managers. The hardest part is trying to get the timing right on an emerging band, it is very easy to book them too early.


Young Thug was pulled I guess this happens a lot?

Sadly he is no longer on the bill. It was an incredibly frustrating experience as he had his visa for NZ approved but he didn’t get the outstanding issues with Australia resolved in time. Sometimes these things happen and you have to move on and luckily we had some great replacements ready to go.



You promote them and then something happens?

The reasons can be really varied – from sickness to immigration problems to bands breaking up. You need to remember these are people with family lives and sometimes that all gets in the way.


What does your day consist of?

Sadly its mainly emails and phone calls with anyone from band agents to media partners, sponsors or suppliers; it’s a long list. There are some great rock n roll moments where you find yourself at some amazing international location watching a great band play but they are few and far between – it is mainly working your network to pull the show together.


Do you work on Laneways all year?

It’s a 12month gig – we have already started planning the line up for next year.


Are you a musician yourself? What is your relationship to music?

I played in a bunch if bands when I was younger but I never had any desire to tour in a serious way. Music and people have always been my passion so this job is the perfect fit.


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