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Art Fashion & Beauty October 9, 2017

Welcome to our new jewellery specialist

Mossgreen-Webb’s is delighted to introduce our new in-house Jewellery Specialist, Lauren Boustridge, who brings energy, expertise and enthusiasm for many of the finer things in life – including gems, jewellery, watches and other luxury collectables – to the role.


Fresh from work and study in London, Lauren’s experience in the luxury goods market extends to New Zealand and Europe. She has trained and worked with prestigious brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex and Swiss Luxury watch company, IWC, and she was the Diamond Specialist for New Zealand’s flagship Tiffany & Co. store.


Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Victoria University, Wellington, majoring in Geology and Theatre. She recently returned to New Zealand from London where she graduated from the Gemological Institute of America’s prestigious Graduate Gemologist programme.


We did a short Q&A with Lauren by way of introduction

  1. What is gemology? Gemology is the study of precious gemstones and a gemologist is someone who is qualified to evaluate diamonds and gemstones.
  2. How did you get from a degree in Geology to Gemology? Geology is quite literally the foundation for gemology. It’s all about rocks and minerals. I think it’s fair to say that my interest in gems and diamonds goes well beyond the surface.
  3. What inspired your interest in geology? Growing up in Greymouth and combing the wild, west coast beaches with my father who taught me how to identify the rocks and minerals we found. My father is a renowned jade artist so an obsession with earth science runs in the blood.
  4. If you could wear only one gemstone what would it be? Without question it would be a blue diamond. They are one of the rarest stones in the world and are quite literally ‘freaks of nature’.
  5. Does your personal taste lean toward contemporary or classic? I am a big fan of vintage jewellery – particularly Art Deco. I love the hand-crafted elements and the history contained in each piece.
  6. Is jewellery a good investment? Jewellery is an investment in pleasure. It’s something we buy to celebrate or commemorate important milestones so its value is both monetary and sentimental. Quality stones with provenance are always a good investment as they can be repurposed into new pieces.


23-25 Falcon St, Parnell
09 524 6804

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