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Weight Control Q&A



Premium health psychology coaching for the successful woman who can control everything – except her weight.


Who are your clients?

The successful woman who is frustrated by weight struggles. She feels she has tried everything and is tired of being judged by people who don’t understand how tough it is. She may have lost weight only to regain it.


What are the biggest misunderstandings about weight-control?

One is not realising there are easier ways of managing weight than relying on energy-sapping, fallible, will-power. Another common misunderstanding is thinking weight is all about eating less and moving more: few people realise the extent of psychology – stress in particular – in weight control.


How is stress involved in weight?

Chronic stress can cause unwanted weight gain in several ways. It lowers the metabolism — making it easier to gain weight (hence the saying “I just have to look at a donut and it goes on my hips”) — and harder to lose it. Stress also triggers emotional eating habits.


How do you help?

First of all, I understand how motivated my clients are to lose weight, how hard they try, and how tired they are of struggling. Secondly, we boost the metabolism by reducing the cause of the stress — and the cause isn’t always that obvious — with effective but little known psychology strategies. Thirdly, we use behavior psychology strategies to boost healthy lifestyle habits the easy way (little – if any – willpower needed) as well as reducing less healthy habits — such as emotional eating.


What’s your background?

I’ve spent 12 years studying and practising  psychology; including a Ph.D. in health psychology from the University of Auckland, eight years volunteering as a Lifeline telephone counsellor, and a private practice as a health psychology coach.


How many sessions do clients usually have?

Some clients get everything they need from a single session. Others prefer on-going support.


Do you focus on weight loss?

No. We focus on boosting emotional and physical health. Weight issues are far easier to resolve from a healthy place.


How many clients can you coach?

I currently have space in my schedule for two more clients.


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